Unpredictable Perfection

After a brief discussion with @footballfactman, we came to the conclusion that ‘unpredictable efficiency when attacking’ coupled with ‘repeatable defensive strategies – depending on the opposition’ would be the most effective way for a team to win football matches.

Liverpool missed both strategies against Southampton.

The New News

Earlier this year, on this blog, I dreamt up a new way of watching soccer on TV. While it might have been just a wish, the article above makes me think we are moving closer to that vision.

By the way, the less opinion, less yelling comment from above – I wonder if that applies to the behind-the-camera personalities as well as those in front of the camera.

(My experience hopes yes.)


A terrific article on the alleged eccentricity and the background of Mario Balotelli. One of the more enjoyable players to watch in the world today.