Unpredictable Perfection

After a brief discussion with @footballfactman, we came to the conclusion that ‘unpredictable efficiency when attacking’ coupled with ‘repeatable defensive strategies – depending on the opposition’ would be the most effective way for a team to win football matches.

Liverpool missed both strategies against Southampton.

Nothing To Do

This is definitely more art than science. Even with all the great tools out there for distributed collaboration and agile management, it’s still an art to get the right team together focused on the right challenge and headed towards the right solution.

And that’s just a single project.

Apple Is Cleaning Up

It’s too bad this doesn’t get much coverage; it sure seems like a pretty big deal. Using clean, renewable resources to power the services we use on our mobile and computing devices.

Yes, the process is likely not 100% based on clean resources (backup generators usually don’t fit in this category), but sure is a step in the right direction.