Mobile? Who Are We Kidding?

    Have you seen the gear people strap on every day to / from work? Look around the next time you are in the office or on the train. Do we really need these big bags full of I-hope-I-get-to-this stuff? The more we tout lighter / smaller laptops and tablets, and more powerful phones, […]

Losing Talent

  But he has come here because he’s an outstanding goalkeeper and, I repeat, you don’t lose your talent. ( Source: Liverpool Echo | Brendan Rodgers vows to restore Simon Mignolet confidence )  

Fear El Pistolero

  It is this history and tradition that England, Brazil and others must fear in the next World Cup. Luis Suárez will not be playing for himself, but for his team, his people and those who came before him. ( Source: Roads and Kingdoms | The Suárez Conundrum )  

Final Ballot

  In truth, the player closest to Ronaldo in sheer quality, at least recently, was not on the final ballot: Liverpool’s Luis Suárez, who has scored 22 goals in 16 English Premier League games this season. ( Source: NYTimes | Ronaldo Dethrones Messi as World Player of Year )  


  In a season elongated by the World Cup, please, do not let eagerness push you too hard, too soon. ( Source: NYTimes | For Messi, the Best Medicine Is Time )  

Special Relationship

  We have a special relationship; they have love for me and in return I love them back. ( Source: The Guardian | Luis Suárez signs new long-term deal to stay at Liverpool to 2018 )  

Lovely Arrogance

  Tottenham failed to register a single shot on target in Liverpool’s third win in eight away matches in the Premier League this season. ( Source: BBC | Rodgers praises ‘complete’ Liverpool )  

No List

  How would you react if complete stranger knew your name, what you do for a living, and your email address? Needless to say, you would be a bit wary of that person. ( Source: HubSpot | 8 Dangers of Buying an Email List )